How long will you wear a mask post vaccine?

This has been discussed but I feel like it deserves its own topic. Especially after this NYT article.

As I mentioned in other threads, I will wear a mask if asked to or if required to. Other than that, I’m done with wearing a mask outside, and I will be done wearing it inside when I hit 2 weeks post #2. Reason being, the vaccine accomplishes the task the mask was intended for, and it does a much better job.

I recently had vision correction surgery. So, for me, wearing a mask after the vaccine is like wearing my glasses after my surgery.

My state is dropping the mask mandate 5/29. I will likely drop mask wearing at that point unless (a) the business requires it, or (b) I’m somewhere indoor with my kids that aren’t vaxxed yet [12 year old got dose 1 today] and wear it to encourage them.


I’ve said elsewhere that I hope (but don’t expect) the practice of wearing masks while under the weather will be retained in the US, and I’m willing to do what I can to make that happen.

My state drops its mask mandate Wednesday. I plan to abide by the rules (governmental or business), as well as following the herd. While I am somewhat militant in my views on masking online…IRL I don’t want to be the outlier.

That’s something I’ve thought a lot about. Will I wear a mask when I have a cold or no? The thing is, in the “new normal” I have a choice. I can do a week of WFH and get curbside pickup, rather than wear a mask going out. If there was some crowded event I didn’t want to cancel, then yah, I’d probably wear a mask.

But, in general, wearing a mask is an artifact of the COVID pandemic that I’m ready to be in the rearview.

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Probably until the pandemic is over or gets to a manageable level. I’m fully vaccinated but I don’t want to be giving the unvaccinated the message that it’s okay for them to not be wearing one.

I haven’t worn it since Friday. It’s been liberating

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I can see wearing it on public transportation forever


I wore a mask on airplanes before the pandemic. Yeah, maybe I’ll wear one in trains, too, going forward.


Depends on the situation. I am going on an outdoor camping trip with vaccinated friends and we won’t be masked. If I go to the communal bathroom I’ll be masked, and I’m sure for at least a few months I’ll be masked at stores, etc. Plus anytime I feel ill and go into public, indefinitely.

I skipped the mask yesterday in my first stop at a store after the mandates were dropped. I maintained distance while in line to check out though, as did most of the others who were also not masked.

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I went to a social event with 30 other people yesterday. We all wore masks. I wouldn’t have gone had there not been a mask mandate in effect, however. After my husband is vaccinated I will be less worried about that sort of event, but for now, I would like to play it safe.

I will say, however, that that was the first time I felt that wearing a mask interfered with the event. With my family, it’s never really changed the social dynamics. But with a bunch of people I know slightly, it did. People were more hesitant to approach me and engage with me, because they couldn’t see my mouth, I think. I was also wearing a re-useable respirator, which restricts the movement of my face more than a simple cloth mask would have. So that might have been a factor. It’s harder to smeyel in my respirator.

I would prefer family gatherings where they can’t read my lips or here the mutterings under my breathe


Honestly, I find eyes are expressive than mouths. (except for lip reading, of course.) I can tell when my sister is exasperated, or my brother is satisfied, or my mom is worried, while they are wearing masks.

Can we all just stay six feet apart forever? At least in things like grocery store lines. I just don’t like people that much.


I went to the office yesterday without a mask and walked in to approximately 5-7 MASKED people waiting to meet me. Twas awkward.

Did you just not see them?

Did you get a strike, or try again to pick up the spare?

I’ll probably still wear a mask in stores and such for quite a while - if for no other reason than to make someone who should be wearing a mask marginally more comfortable doing so. Wearing a mask really doesn’t bother me all that much.


Yeah I plan on wearing a mask in the office during cold season.

I was so happy not to get a cold this year

also, I have a bunch of really nifty masks

Obviously, this has nothing to do with COVID.

I don’t see why anyone would keep wearing a mask to protect against Covid 19 after getting a vaccine that is 94% effective at stopping Covid 19 and knowing that over half the country has the same vaccine. For the J&J people maybe, but I certainly wouldn’t.

I will wear my mask when it is socially or legally required and not at any other time.

For those saying they’d wear it to prevent the flu or common cold. I get that. Though I don’t understand what’s changed from before when people didn’t do that.