How I’m cutting my hair post-covid

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I don’t have a flowbee, but I did start cutting my own hair for the first time during the COVID era.

Yeah, me too.
I started by taking it too the wood and shaving with a razor. That was a bit too much maintenance. Now I just put a 3mm on the clippers and give the ole cpu a once over about weekly. My so trims the back.
It’s nice. Saves a bit of money, and better, saves time. Finding time to go to the barber was always a pita.

My so has gone way shorter, and damn looking fine.

My hair is shorter than it used to be which is fine. I’m using clippers to layer it, and the longest clipper head I have is still a fair amount shorter than I used to have it cut.

Layering? How so. That seems like something I’d screw up.

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Use the longest guard on top, a middle one on the sides, and a short one around the ears and down low for a bit of a fade. I taper a little bit between the top and the middle using a 4th guard.

I have not cut my hair in 16 months.
I had been growing it out and now it may be a bit lo.

My last haircut was last October, and I never got my hair cut particularly short.

I always regretted chopping off my hair when I was 19. Time to grow it back out!

After 6 months I braved it at the barber. He has a small shop and the spread of the disease in my state is less than it was during the summer, and it was getting tougher to get my hair under control, so figured it was time.

I had clippers and in the past buzzed my hair to a 2 or a 1 in the summer. every couple months. More recently I had been going somewhere but COVID disrupted that and i’ve gotten used to dong it myself again with the wife touching up the back and sides.