How focused are you during SOA webcasts (or CAS webcasts)?

How “focused in” are you during SOA webcasts?

There are SOA webcasts where I realllly struggle to focus. I can’t be the only one. I’ve been working nearly 15 years in this profession and I’ve never (or verrrrry rarely) heard someone reference something they heard from an SOA webcast. I’ve watched webcasts with other actuaries and the majority of them are typing away on their laptops. I’m very doubtful they’re sitting there taking copious notes

  • Fully Focused
  • Between 75% and 100% Focused
  • Between 50% and 75% Focused
  • Between 25% and 50% Focused
  • Less than 25% Focused
  • Either Multi-tasking or Daydreaming from start to end

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What are you expecting them to do in order to be taking “copious notes”?


FTR, I think your question is interesting–and I’d be interested in what others on this board might be willing to share. I’m P&C . . . so I’m curious as to what sort of topics are covered in these webcasts that folks are watching . . . and balanced against what their knowledge base is on those topics.

is the percent focused relative to my capacity as a human or the percent I give when attending live/in-person sessions? asking for a friend

People really can’t multitask well. Multitasking just means you are doing two things not very well. I admit I have been guilty of multitasking on webcasts in the past.

I was recently at an in person SOA conference and actively listened and took notes, as it was applicable to my work and interesting, but there were many people on their laptops working or browsing their phones. So I doubt you’re the only one doing this.

Can you really count that time as CE, though, if you’re being honest?

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Where’s the I fall asleep option?


I decline to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

In all seriousness, my P&C employer has one of those deals where we pay a bunch of money to the CAS, and in return we get a discount code to use when individuals register for the regular webinars, avoiding the $50-$75 fee. Several of us are in the habit of signing up for all of them, and then joining if schedules permit, and/or going back to watch/listen to the recording later if the subject is of interest.

It’s probably not uncommon that, with that background and when working from home, there’s multi-tasking or other distraction, unless the topic is of particular interest for the participant or during portions of the presentation that might be of greater relevance.

CE logs should be edited to reflect relative focus/attention paid to such webinars. (Fortunately there are a bunch of them, so this approach still works for getting CE hours in.)

Honestly, it depends how interesting the webinar is. I’ve certainly daydreamed through a webinar. I’ve also mostly paid attention. I never paid full attention even in in-person seminars, though.



If we are talking technical topics, I am almost always already familiar with the information being presented but I attend to see if someone shares a different perspective or has a different interpretation than I do. So my attention level will vary depending on my familiarity with the topic and if the speakers are presenting it in a new or unique manner.


Same with professionalism. It’s rarely a topic I’m totally unfamiliar with, and i want to be reminded of the guidelines, and see if they present any new angles.

Was there any change in emphasis as the result of the #MeToo movement?