How familiar are British people with pounds (the weight, not the currency)?

I sometimes read British media and oftentimes I will see pounds used to describe weight.

But I thought they were all about kilograms or something

I thought it was all about stone.


I hope they never give up their unique terms and sayings, touch wood.

The UK is mostly metric but also uses some imperial measurement units. They measure distance in miles, for example, and use stones for (body) weight, where a stone is 14 pounds.

When I lived in the UK I bought a bathroom scale and the stones were the main units, with pound ticks in between. So I gather they are quite familiar with the measurement.

Of course, if they buy meat by weight, they’re buying that in grams, interestingly. Not sure how cannibals go about it, though.


I think they feel guilty for leaving Americans with such a confusing set of measurements so once every cubit they leave an Easter egg for the US readers of their websites.

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