How dumb is the IRS?

Rhetorical question. We got another letter today from them, saying they need another 60 days to study and respond to our issues about the income tax return for my MIL’s estate for the tax period ending Oct 31, 2017.

Those issues aren’t complex. My MIL was still alive Oct 31, 2017 so there was no estate in existence then. We have other correspondence from them saying that the issues have been resolved and that we were right. They don’t seem to be speaking to themselves, since this is at least the second letter we received, saying they need 60 more days, after they said all the issues were resolved.

They’re most likely understaffed.

The CA insurance department has always been a rate filing menace but my last filing around COVID sailed through with little or no pushback, so that was a blessing.

But other insurance departments seem to be sitting on filings a longer time and putting into question the timeline for implementation, so take the good with the bad.

Understaffed for the win, is my guess.

Understaffed is a safe bet. COVID may be a partial explanation, but the issues all arose prior to COVID, and the last correspondence from us to them, to which they are still trying to decide what response is needed, was sent in 2019. I don’t expect any further cash transactions, to or from them, for any tax periods. I did file the return for 12 months ending Oct 31, 2019, marking it as the final return. I’ve received no response, not really expecting any. The estate owed and paid some tax for the 12 months ending Oct 31, 2018. It’s a small estate: less tax due that year than Trump paid, but then not much more gross income than the tax Trump paid. So why this is taking months… :crazy_face: