How do you get a screen added to a window?

We have a second floor window with an a/c unit in the bottom half. The upper window slides down but it is not covered with a screen. I would like to be able to open the window without bugs coming in.

I’ve tried to contact a few handymen and no responses. I bought a screen in Home depot but when I took it home, apparently it only fits in when the window is open. If I want to close the window, I need to remove the screen. Is there an easy way to get a screen and install it? Or is it a huge process and I shouldn’t bother. Currently I just insert the screen each time I want to open the window, and remove it when I close the window.

So you basically need the screen to be installed on the outside of the window so that it doesn’t interfere with the sash. I don’t know how old your windows are. Generally for old windows you’re talking about adding a storm window with a screen and glass that slides. Modern windows often have a track for mounting a screen. In that case you’ll need someone to make you a frame to fit and add the screen fabric. I’d call a local window company and ask if they can help you out.


[ctrl]-N usually works for most apps