How do you feel you did on the exam?

  • Nailed it
  • I think I passed
  • On the fence
  • I think I failed
  • No chance

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I would be interested in hearing how many points people feel like they lost because they just didn’t know how to answer some questions or were able to answer but weren’t sure.

I feel like If I didn’t make silly mistakes due to technical mistakes (messing up cells, formulas, etc) and incorrect assumptions due to not reading the questions fully/well, I have a chance of passing.

I had to put down an assumption to a problem because the problem wasn’t clear.

Spent a lot of time thinking about it last night trying to get a feel on if I passed or not. Walked out initially feeling confident but I think it was just the adrenaline of potentially writing my last exam. Really at the mercy of the pass mark and how many part marks I get - hope I’m on the right side of the pass mark.

Here’s my breakdown:

Questions I had no clue how to get to the answer (still managed to put something down but no clue what the question writer was asking so just made assumptions): 2-3 points

Calculation mistakes that I can remember after the exam: 1-2 points

Weak answers to qualitative questions: 2-3 points

I feel like I fall in a similar breakdown and I’m with you. My result is going to depend on the final pass mark. :frowning:
I walked out feeling unusually confident because I didn’t think the exam totally destroyed me the way some people described it, but as usual, I am second guessing my performance. If enough points get shaved, I can definitely fail.

Any thoughts on a pass mark?

If this is truly all you got wrong you pass easily my friend.

I’m in a very similar boat. Felt great, but really put down a wild guess for probably 4-5 points.

I actually am feeling more confident as the days go on and it’s usually the reverse. If Im remembering everything correctly and didn’t make any dumb mistakes I might be okay. It’s what I’m not remembering that’s making me nervous as I certainly am not going to have a lot of room to spare.

Sucks we can’t talk specifics. I have questions on some of the problems that I will never get answers to.


What I’m not remembering is exactly what makes me so worried and on the fence! If it’s something that I just got completely wrong (either misreading or just didn’t read the question properly and using the wrong methodology) then I have bigger problems.

don’t think we can discuss actual points but I’m hoping the pass % is lower than 73% (top end of past exam pass %s)

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We all know which problem. The one worth high point value, more than 3-4 points.

The good news is, MOST people probably couldnt get it right.

Haha yup! That was the only one that really stumped me. I knew exactly what it was trying to test too, just couldn’t figure out how to do it….correctly.

Hopefully a very low MQC on that one!

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I flagged that as ambiguous/off syllabus, after Re-reading some of the papers because I’m a masochist I’d say that was not something we could have been reasonably able to prepare for.

I stated an assumption for literally every line of my response, in the end I had something that actually made some sense but whoever wrote that is a grade A -*

If we all had the same question - I think I actually managed to do at least the first part of it correctly because I saw an exhibit in the study material the morning before I wrote while reviewing. I do agree though it was ambiguous and not a great way to test knowledge of that paper. I almost thought it was a typo lol.

I flagged it as well. Doubtful anything will be done though.

Just glad it is over. I find it is really hard to tell as it depends how much the grader and the source material agree with my answers :stuck_out_tongue: after my 4th attempt at this (passed 8 after 4 attempts) I feel like I am learning how to decipher meaning in questions. It’s kind of a career skill I guess…