How do I like these apples?

A few years ago I began sampling a variety of apples and made some notes on how well I liked them. Of course, I no longer have those notes, so this will be my new repository. I’m going to just keep editing the OP & adding my thoughts. Feel free to add your experiences and opinions.

Red delicious - Wouldn’t eat unless it’s put in front of me and I have no other choices. It can be really good, even excellent, if it’s in season, but even then it’s hit and miss.

Pacific Rose™ - I liked it a lot. I had this one on my most recent trip to the left coast.

envy - good texture, good flavor, would eat again

Gala - good crunch, not too sweet, though or especially flavorful, would eat again but would eat others first

JAZZ - good crunch, would eat again, not my favorite, though

Pink Lady - good crunch, would eat again, not my favorite, though

autumn glory - a new one for me. Good enough but nothing special.

KIKU - a new one for me. With the exception of the Pacific Rose this is, perhaps, my favorite. Will have to try again.

Honeycrisp is my favorite.

I really like Pink Lady, but I haven’t had one in a while.

My wife just picked up some Pink Lady’s at the Farmer’s Market.
Also some Fuji’s, MUCH better when right off the tree (or the day after, not the ones in grocery stores – matter of fact we never buy apples at the store, unless they’ll be baked).
Honeycrisp are also awesome.
Braeburns are my favorite, though they can get bland in transit.

Envy is my favorite, but we only get them for about 2-3 weeks a year where I am and even then, not every year.

I don’t like apples, but I do like apple juice.

I got her number.

How do you like dem apples?

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On topic . . . I’m either a red delicious or granny smith type person.

That’s pretty much true of any fruit or vegetable, but :iatp:

I’m BFF with someone who grew up on the original John McIntosh farm (where the McIntosh apple originated). Used to eat a lot of McIntosh apples when I was growing up because they were everywhere. Used to be the best apple going, but these days there’s lots of apples that are better eating, better for pies, etc.

Once I ran across Gala, they pretty much became my go-to apple. Nice and sweet.

Apples need to be crisp, not mushy. I don’t like applesauce either. Granny smith slices with peanut butter is a serious nostalgia snack, but I think I would love it even if I hadn’t grown up with them. Someone in our family had a granny smith tree, and I can’t count how many times we picked and ate them earlier than we were supposed to, because that sour pucker was even better when they weren’t fully ripe. :joy: