Hostages Left Behind

we don’t negotiate with terrists

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It’s a good thing the Tallybon is working with us, per President Biden.

Biden did a good job if all we have left are 19 wanderers.


The Taliban won. They are now the government of Afghanistan. We negotiate with most other governments.

My question is why did we do such an incredibly bad job of “nation building” that the nation we “built” collapsed immediately? And why didn’t our intelligence community warn our government of this, so we could extract the Afghans who helped us to escape BEFORE we pulled out our military?

It is not clear what the hostage situation is. Different people are giving different descriptions of the situation. I suspect it is going to be troublesome to get good information out of Afghanistan for some time.

The article does not claim that that’s all that are left. The article says those are the people trying to board flights in Mazar-i-Sharif.

The US and the EU both have not recognized the Taliban as the government, at least yet.

And maybe we won’t. Do we recognize the government of Iran, yet?

I think we ought to recognize them, and ought to negotiate with them, fwiw.

We should probably just help them finish their nuclear program so they can move on to bigger and better things imo. I mean maybe if we didn’t destroy it every few years they’d be less mad at us and saffron prices would go down.

Is there a difference between recognizing a government and having diplomatic relations with them? We at least don’t have the latter with Iran; Switzerland and Pakistan broker any talks. But does the US not recognize the government of Iran?

points finger

I did not have diplomatic relations with that country

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Of course we don’t recognize Iran**, because they were assholes to us after we overthrew their elected government that wouldn’t let us continue to loot the country and then we spent 27 years propping up someone who would let us continue to loot the country as he repressed the shit out of most of the people there, and they finally got pissed off about it.

Hell, we’ve never actually apologized for downing Iran Air 655.

** to be technical we don’t have diplomatic relations with them and any discussions go through a 3rd country like Switzerland, and that will continue probably until they apologize for us being assholes to them for decades.

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i think it’s because colored people just don’t listen to white people like they used to

I assume that’s sarcasm, but Vietnam immediately collapsed, too, so this isn’t a new thing.

i was actually thinking of vietnam. The only thing the vietnamese wanted was for all foreigners to get out. Democracy or no democracy

the US needs to learn than not everyone wants its democracy. In fact, no one wants it.

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It’s true you know. People elsewhere in the world have a much different opinion of authority. Basically all of China thinks it’s weird American kids are friends with their parents.