Home Improvements

A thread to post pix of home improvement projects. DIY or not.

@Mathman has some cool projects going on I’d love to see. So here’s a thread.

And a pic of our latest. Last year we put in new hardwood floors. This year we did the stairs to match. I always forget to take before pix. But it was white spindles and ugly carpet.

(Bonus from the other thread, up on the wall is the impulse artwork I bought.)


Pic of impulse artwork or it didn’t happen. :wink:

It’s hanging up there at the landing. It’s a Dr. Suess collaborator proof of “Green cat in uleåborg finland subway”.

It’s weird but I love it.

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I googled it. :+1:

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no garland on the stairs. do you even christmas?!

I’m sure it would have contrasted quite beautifully with the white spindles, but who are we to judge??? :roll_eyes:

They had to be replaced anyway so :woman_shrugging:

Not my department.

someone’s slacking then. cuz the tree is up

Yeah. You tell him. :grimacing:

So I figured, it’s all pipes, right?


So evidently I was unclear on the concept of a commodious tub.

Doing new flooring, or more than that?

New tile floor. Of course, the old underlay was steel mesh anchor with cement. Pain to remove. The most fastened part of my house, from what I can tell. Recently replaced faucet in vanity area, with new cutoffs as well. Some regrouting in shower will need to be done. House was built in 1994.

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Ugh, that sounds like a mess. I pulled up cement board at my last house, which wasn’t too bad. Normally I don’t mind tiling but I think I’m hiring it out for my impending bath project.

Anyone got thoughts or recommendations on faucets? Need several for the bath remodel.

Whatever they are, we need them in polished brass, which eliminates quite a few. Something with a traditional style, nothing that looks like your faucet is a waterfall. And mostly, I want the damn thing to work well for years. You ever use a shower and you twist the handle 2° and the water gets 20° hotter? I hate that so much.

I’m currently looking at the Kohler Devonshire lineup. Unsure if I want the center set or wide spread. Budget? Uh, let’s say something like a grand for the trio: one sink, one shower, one tub. Willing to pay for quality, but not in the market for a $20k Sherle Wagner gold plated set.

Moen. Lifetime warranty.
Some years ago I had to replace a cartridge in the shower. Went to the local hardware store to get the replacement, buddy goes in the back, comes out with a cartridge and says ‘it’s free. We keep them on hand for replacements’. Been a fan ever since.
The only time I’ve deviated from moen was when we went with some uber expensive german brand for the kitchen faucet.

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Oof, the Moen stuff isn’t too pricey… unless you want polished brass. It would be roughly $500 more than the Kohler, and I’m not sure it’s worth that much. If you’re after satin nickel it’s not too bad though. But we already have brass knobs and towel bars and what-not so we’re committed to brass. It’s just a lot more appropriate for our house.

Kohler is crap. SO hates it and swears by Moen. :woman_shrugging:

If it makes a difference, I’m looking at the higher end Kohler stuff with ceramic valves, not the Home Depot $99 things.