History of (not that) Equitable Life

Equitable Life (in Canada, no relation to the real Equitable) just put out a 100 year history book:

Equitable Life 100 year history

It’s where I got started as an actuarial student looooong time ago.


you’re 100 yo?

Is that this one?

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The one that’s 100 is this one: https://equitable.ca/
It’s a tiny (*) mutual company located in Waterloo. For those that went to UWaterloo, you may recognize pics of some of the buildings that the company started in (It started in a building at the corner of King and Erb IIRC, the building is still there and recognizable. Might be a taco place now though).

(*) In the 90’s, all the big mutuals in Canada demutualized. I think Equitable now bills themselves as the biggest mutual company in Canada, but it’s because everyone else went away, not because they’re some big company - they’re not.

Some days…


So . . . they scared off the competition . . .

This is pretty neat.

My dad used to work for AIG and they used to send out little bits and blurbs about the company’s history to their employees. As a kid, I always dreamed of being an actuary at AIG

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Yeah, it’s the former chief actuary who does a lot of that stuff now. Does a monthly bulletin with current news and history of the company.
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