Historical annuity tables

Ulpian’s life table is an ancient Roman annuities table. It is known through a passage, originating from the jurist Aemilius Macer, preserved in edited form in Justinian’s Digest. The table appears to provide a rough outline of ancient Roman life expectancy. Although it is not clear what population the table refers to, or how its data was gathered,[1] Richard Duncan-Jones has suggested that it refers to slaves and ex-slaves, who were often the object of testamentary maintenance grants.[2]

Aemilius Macer probably lived in the 230s AD. He records the table in his systematic commentary on the lex Julia de vicesima hereditatium, an Augustan law of 6 AD that put a 5 percent tax on inheritances.[3] Despite its many numbers, the fragment does not appear to be afflicted by any serious textual corruption.[4]

Didn’t make his work product so another actuary could reasonably reproduce it? I smell the first ABCD case in history. And of course it is in pensions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: