Highlighting or coloring text?

Any way to highlight or color text on this site? I can’t figure it out. [color=“blue”]BLUE[/color] doesn’t work.

I would love to see color fonts added to the options.

Add underlining to that list. I see bold and italics, but no underline.

It’s not in the UI, but you can underline manually just like in BBCode:

To get
This text is all underlined.
just use
(u)This text is all underlined.(/u)
but change the parentheses to the square brackets [ & ].

Thanks! Didn’t know that

I guess using Ctrl + u isn’t a good idea.

Nope, that doesn’t work. The internet said that that code would work since we have the latex plugin here.

There’s a bbcode plugin I can install if necessary, that should allow for this.

Maybe if you spelled color correctly…

\textcolor{red}{\text{CHECK: is this red?}}


\textcolor{red}{\text{U}} \textcolor{silver}{\text{S}} \textcolor{blue}{\text{A}}

\textcolor{red}{\text{ha ha ha}}

Hmm. It doesn’t show the markdown for that when I quote it.

I used
\textcolor{red}{\text{ha ha ha}}
inside the dollar-signs for LaTeX.

EDIT: And the goofy textcolour spelling doesn’t work. USA! USA! USA!

Gonna start showing off in other threads…

\textcolor{turquoise}{\text{CHECK: is this turquoise?}}

Pop-up with colors as buttons is preferred over memorizing code, just to make sure people read a post as sarcasm.

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\newcommand{\x}[2]{\textcolor{#1}{\text{#2}}} \x{red}{M} \x{orange}{a} \x{cyan}{y} \x{purple}{b} \x{green}{e } \x{magenta}{I } \x{brown}{s} \x{yellow}{h} \x{lime}{o} \x{indigo}{u} \x{pink}{l} \x{black}{d } \x{green}{h} \x{blue}{a} \x{indigo}{v} \x{red}{e } \x{purple}{k} \x{orange}{e} \x{lime}{p} \x{orange}{t } \x{black}{t} \x{cyan}{h} \x{tan}{i} \x{indigo}{s } \x{black}{t} \x{green}{o } \x{orange}{m} \x{red}{y} \x{blue}{s} \x{gray}{e} \x{green}{l} \x{pink}{f} ?

Yes, I have too much free time.

Huh. Quoting colored texts fugs it up big time. One has to re-color it.

Seriously? dagnabit.

You’d think they’d have that misspelling do the same thing.

I had no problem with the underlying code showing when I quoted your post . . .