High-resolution/contrast dogs

Hey, I know there’s a term for this that I can Google but I just don’t know what the word is. I jog by some old money rich neighborhood each morning and I notice the dogs seem as if they have more resolution than my local area dogs. I know that’s not the word to describe it but it’s as if I took a photo of it, it the dog would have more pixels and contrast.

Of course a google search just yields things about camera technology which is not what I want. What’s the word?

“Grooming” ?


curly coat?

“Breeding” ?

Rich people have higher resolution dogs?

No wonder my dog looks like this:



Is “merle” the word you are looking for? or maybe “brindle”?

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One thought is that these dogs look kind of like Charles II of Spain:

I tried to find the word by googling “dogs that look like Charles II of Spain” but I’m still not finding it. Still at a loss for what the term is…

So the breed has to be the cavalier King Charles spaniel. But I don’t know how I would describe the breed wrt what you are asking. Mottled?