Hey Consulting life/annuity/pension/retirement FSA's - I have a small $ opportunity for you

I can give you details if you zip me your info. I’ll do it as incognito as youd like.

At least “like” this post cause I wanna be sure I recognize you on here. Thanks

The gist:
“I need to retain a consulting actuary to calculate the current funding amount required for a small trust I am establishing. I will own the trust, it will be for the benefit of another individual”


You really need an actuary for that? Sounds like a basic annuity calculation. I’ve set up/maintain a similar thing for how much I need to contribute each month to each of my kids’ 529 plans based on various assumptions around investment returns, college tuition inflation, etc.

Then go for it! Fleece T-Roy for all he is worth!!! :money_mouth_face:

Sadly I am but a humble FCAS :frowning:

The guy asking is our Company Attorney. He tells me to jump, I ask how high. So he’s willing to check with an actuary and spend his money, I will provide him with one…

No takers as of yet.

Obligatory “Dammit, Dan!!!”.

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Come on!! I want to win here too!!!

I recommend @Breadmaker… I’ve no idea his talents as an actuary but he does solid memes/popcorn gifs

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Checks out

This just popped up in my recommended. I must say I am a little hurt you didn’t DM me.

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Let me know when he needs a health FSA

:rage: I see what you did there…

Thanks @Kenny