Help me buy a pillow

I’ve got, 20 or so failures in the house now.

I’m a side sleeper.

When I sleep on my right side me ear is ringing in the morning. The pillow ends up too compressed and the weight of my head on my ear is a problem.

What is the right pillow to fix this?


I have this one and I like it because it lets my shoulder stay on the bed and it’s kinder on my neck. No idea about the ear thing though.


We bought Purple Pillows like three weeks ago, as I also have bad luck with pillows. It took some getting used to as a back sleeper, but with more use it broke in more and feels pretty good now. It feels even better in a side position.

Not sure I’d get it again as a back sleeper, but something to go try out in a mattress store if you’re a side sleeper. (If you go with it buy it from the Purple Pillow website rather than the mattress store though, as they’re returnable if you buy it right from the purple people but not necessarily if you buy it at a retail store.)


Also a side sleeper. Also constantly looking for a better pillow.

I have a Tempur-Pedic and a buckwheat pillow that i go back and forth between depending on how I’m feeling that night.

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I am quite particular about my pillows, and I only use buckwheat pillows.

They are quite firm and do not crush under the weight of my head.

They are heavy, but it is not like you move them around too much.

One issue is that they are a little loud. Any movement means that there is a little rustle. You will get used to this.

Also, they are not as cheap as a foam or down pillow. But if you want support, I don’t know of anything better.

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I’ve been using these for years: ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 33x50 cm (13x20") - IKEA CA and they work well.


My recommendation is to go to an actual store and try the pillows.

There really is no substitute for this when it comes to pillows, as they are just too many variations for soft & hard (and extra components).

I did this when I bought my mattress. The pillows that were amazing in the store were rock hard after a full night on them.

There was this coconut one at the store when I tried some pillows. It felt really good, but we were worried that for the price it would just go hard and flat like most other pillows.

My hard flat pillows were $$$. Thankfully my daughter liked them so they weren’t wasted.

I liked the $8 Walmart pillows better. After a few months I didn’t, but at $8 apiece, I could afford to buy new ones. But it just seems so wasteful.

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I got some Emma pillows

Paid £110 for 2 but they are great (they are “hard” pillows. It did take me a few tries to find these)

Where do you guys go for pillows in the US?

Recommendation: stay up late at night, watch FoxNews. You’ll invariably see some huckster hawking pillows.

That guy’s political views put aside … his pillows suck. I tried a similar one from another brand one time. That chopped foam shit was one of the worst pillows I ever got.

I tried an Ikea form pillow. I didn’t like how it shaped.

I like down for a bit, then it gets too firm. I guess I need to get better at fluffing them.

Most others are comfy, but then I get that pita ringing in the right ear thing. Sigh

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Bought a purple pillow, it’s very comfortable, but my ear does the ringing thing, I guess I need something softer.

Annoyingly most hotel pillows seem fine, may just buy one from a hotel website…

I have no idea. I have purchased expensive pillows and cheap pillows, all of which seem fine for a few nights and then they don’t.

On a whim, I got a purple pillow not that long ago.

It’s a nice pillow, but I’m not certain it’s nice enough to justify the price.