Help me build an "Escape Room"

This is for an activity on a week long campout for the young men at my church. 12-17 year olds. They will be in teams of about 5 boys. I’d like to shoot for maybe a half an hour to solve.

This will be during a break on a hike or bike ride or something - so there can’t be a lot of props. Probably just an envelope that the leader can hand to them.

About the only idea I have at the moment is, since this is a church thing, maybe hide a scripture reference as an acrostic, then use numbers they had figured out somehow before this to find individual words in the scripture to spell out a message. I’m very open to any other ideas, though.


Maybe you can play some kind of among us/mafia game. Like, one person is Jesus, another is Judas, and then a couple of people are Roman soldiers. And then you have to like catch the betrayer without knowing who is who ahead of time and help Jesus escape.

Oh wait that’s not what happened in real life, but…

There was an AOer who ran an escape room. I don’t remember who that was. As I recall he was in the process of getting out of the business.

My point is, maybe he’s got some ideas…whoever he is.

That’s all I got.

This is hilariously awesome.

Paging @Vorian_Atreides Secret Judas. Apostles. Pharisees. Judas. President = right hand. Chancellor = Left hand.



Although IIRC, “Right Hand” and “Left Hand” might be too closely tied with Judaism rather than what the disciples might have.

But perhaps having Pres = (Roman) Governor and Chanc = High Priest might still get the flavor overall.

In one envelope, have papers with the name of books that the scriptures are related to.

In another envelope, have papers with the chapter, verse of the scriptures.

Have three verses that relate to a theme that you want the boys to “internalize” during the campout; and the boys have to figure out what that theme is based on the verses.

Have a basin filled with water where those who are fed up and want to quit can wash their hands of the whole thing.

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