Health Foundations Module

I wanted to start this thread off for discussion on the Health Foundations Module.

One minor question I had was regarding the length of peoples’ tasks, mostly Task 3. I feel I don’t have a lot to say here and sometimes memos in SOA language means something that’s 5-10 pages while I feel I’m mostly at a page or so here. The Economics module gave some rough indication on what length they’re expecting while this doesn’t which tells me I should just focus to ensure the content is complete and that’s it.

I’m also making sure I’m not missing any material anywhere that specifies length or what expectations are beyond what’s given.

One page should definitely be fine for task 3. I don’t think I can say anything explicit about the model solution, but I think you’ll be amused when you look at it.

Here are my memo lengths from when I MMR’d this summer:

  • Task 1: 3 pages, though half a page of that was an appendix showing the original and revised normalized trend reports.
  • Task 2: About three-fourths of a page.
  • Task 3: A little over 1 page.
  • Task 4: A little over 4 pages (was probably a bit overly wordy on this one).
  • Task 5: 3 pages, including 1 page worth of tables.
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Just started on this if there’s anyone else out there. Already not a fan - felt like Health Economics was more straightforward

I plan to start this tonight. Need to submit by the 1/4 deadline for attending next FAC. Hoping it won’t be too hard to cruise through it!

Submitted the assessment today. Any update on grading times?

I submitted mine 7 weeks ago and still waiting…

Awesome - I’ll mentally prepare myself for the long wait. Thanks for the info.

For Task 5, are we expected to calculate the C-Statistic using R? I feel the question asks for it but the module doesn’t appear to have the expectation of having us work in R to complete it.

Submitted 12/2/20, MMR 1/7/21

I didn’t work with R at all for it


Would anyone like to collaborate on getting this done this weekend? (1/15-1/18) let me know!

I submitted Health Foundation on 29/11/2020 but still haven’t got my results yet. I submitted ERM & Health Economics in early Dec’20 and already MMR. Anyone has the same issue here?

Hi, could you help me on the project 3? I thought ER visits and ER are not significant variables, and LOS and HCC are significant, based on the p-value provided. I am puzzled why they gave test dataset which only has ER and Readmission.status. Are we supposed to calculate the probability of readmission based on ER visits only, without data of LOS or HCC??

Double-check that there aren’t any hidden columns to the left with the other variables. I did this module last year and vaguely recall being stumped for a while with your question before realizing what was going on.

Yeah I agree with Bassooner, I think my test data included more columns.

thanks a lot. I found the hidden columns.

thanks . I found the hidden columns.

could you help me with the terms of the predicted readmission and expected readmission in task 5 ? I know what is predicted readmission. but, what is expected readmission? is it supposed to be a mean % readmission which is the predicted readmission divided by records?

Yeah, I think that was how I interpreted it.

I interpreted it as predicted readmissions is whether readmission status is assigned a 1 or 0, and expected readmissions are the probabilities you calculate. This gives you a reasonable looking decile analysis as well.