Health Economics Module

Anyone else working on the health economics module?

I started recently. It will take me a bit to get through because I read (not skim) everything and take copious notes, because I only have one aspect of health knowledge/experience and I find (nearly) all of it fascinating.

Also started it semi recently. Been reading everything and finding it interesting. Not taking many notes.

Does anyone else find it a bit annoying that the first huge chunk of the module is basically “just read the book”?

Also this is my first FSA module and I’m not super familiar with the structure. I know there’s still a test at the end. Is it like FAP where we can get any score, or do we need a passing score?

And what is the EOM assignment like? Is there a time limit? Are we allowed to discuss it? I checked these things on the syllabus and didn’t find many straight answers.

There is no time limit; you can discuss it. The tests are not memorable (not difficult).

There is no time limit akin to FA but there is a time limit on the module as a whole, this is a year.

Yes, but I feel like that is SOP from my memory of the FAP modules.

Has anyone started the EOM yet? I’m working on it now, and definitely open to discuss with someone else.

I don’t know if it’s just because it’s my first FSA module or what, but I am so confused on the EOM…I have been trying to work on it for days and feel lost still. I would love to discuss with anyone else working on it!

Okay so I’m frustrated. The EOM is asking me to use the KFF/HRET survey in the module. I have no idea where that is. On slide 211 it states “According to the KFF survey you just read” BUT I DIDN’T JUST READ A SURVEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT.

Nevermind. It’s on slide 215

lol you can’t swear here

Anyone working on this and want to discuss?

Yeah I’m working on project 2 now. Seems pretty straight forward. Already second guessing myself though. The first task is asking for reimbursement under the FFS arrangement during baseline and contract periods. Are these two different questions? For the “contract” period, should we apply the 7% trend?

Yeah, they’re different. In general, the baseline is the period your data is from, the contract period is the period you’re projecting/pricing, and you need to apply trend to get from baseline to contract.

Hi, I actually reread the prompt and answered my own question. It is stated right after task 1 to NOT apply trend to HUB’s price and util.

So no, they only want 1 number there. The only time we apply trend is to the baseline PMPM.

I’ve just finished the projects. Project 2 is much more straight forward than 1.

What are you using to base your work off of? Is one of the case studies similar to this?

There are some case studies that deal with similar topics that appear in the EOM (Tiered copays for example), but I didn’t base any of my work off of those. For most of my work I thought the information they supplied was enough to appropriately provide answers.

There’s a Health Economics Module google group that’s had some activity:


I just took the exam for the health Econ module. I got 100%! However, it is still asking me to retake it. This is so confusing. Could anyone please help me? How to do we move into the project part? Thank you!

Never mind-I see I got credit when I exited and I’m moving to the exercises now.
what score do we need to pass this normally?