HBOMax keeps crashing on Firestick

My HBOMax app keeps crashing on my Firestick. Deleted and re-installed it already. it’s up to date.

None of the other streaming apps seem to have this problem.

No other streaming (that I know of) is competing for bandwith.

Any ideas?

In the future, don’t trust Amazon hardware.

HBO is not a good app period. It’s not the best app on Apple TV either

do you have a way to test if it is not just crashing in general, and not necessarily just you?

got me.

We had firestick issues for the Superbowl.
So, they suck.

I’m getting Pixelation on Spectrum on nearly every channel. Any ideas?

I don’t use HBOMax on my Firestick very much, but don’t recall issues with it crashing. I do have the app randomly shut off, apparently because the device overheats. The Firestick gets ridiculously hot, it almost earns its name. Sometimes I put cold packs on it.

Now it’s Hulu that’s acting up…before that it was

Sometimes pausing and restarting it will help, but I’m not sure it’s really doing anything.

And Murphy’s law: always seems to happen in tense or pivotal scenes!

HBO sucks on everything. It’s just a crappy app