Hate on you SOs friends

My SO is friends with this couple, let’s call them boring and boringer, and their child boringest. Every few months boring guilts my SO into us all getting together for a few hours. And even at that I just don’t want to deal with them. They’re COVID fanatics who were masking outside until a few months ago. Boringer is a computer engineer who’s just been to lazy to work since boringest was born. He narrates stuff boringest should do like, “oh, watch out maybe don’t go so far ahead”, but in the softest flipping mumble you’ve ever heard so boringest just ignores it. I can’t stand these people, even for < 1 hour a month on average.

On her own boring is fine, it’s that she can’t just hang out with my SO, we’re all roped into these gatherings…

Are you sober during these games? That could be where you are going wrong.


Games would probably be manageable, it’s like puttering around outside (they still mask inside)

Gee, too bad mini-Snik has developed allergies and can’t be outside that long anymore…

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I don’t think Snik’s SO is willing to lie or she’d make up some other excuse on her own.

Mrs. Snik can still hang out, but Snik & mini-Snik stay home. I’m not in charge of ethics here.

I’m really too overwhelmed by the nicknames in the story to offer much here.


But that would require the cooperation of Mrs. Snik, which I’m assuming he does not have.

Apparently she’s no so fixated on honesty to tell her friend that it’s torture for Snik, so…

Just say you can’t go? What’s the point of being in an introvert profession if you can’t even refuse to attend social gatherings. Go 2x a year as a compromise

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Try to make “games” the thing tou do w them. Or something to distract and kill time. Or, talk to @T-roy for the gummy hook up

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SO has a friend I can’t stand. Thankfully they live out of state so I don’t have to deal with them in person very often.

I could go on and on, but some of it’s an invasion of my SO’s privacy. Let’s go with one of the moderately annoying things: constantly asking us for money. They owe us several hundred dollars (which I didn’t anticipate getting back, but SO still thinks they will pay it eventually).

Regardless, they bother us roughly monthly for a loan to buy groceries, because they can’t afford food and rent. At the same time, they’ve bragged in front of me that they get DoorDash almost every day and sometimes twice a day.

Once we gave in and sent $20 and they paid us back a week later. Another time we gave $25 and called it a birthday present. Usually we don’t, but it puts us in an awkward position every time.

Note, I got the friend a job at my prior insurance company, and they were fired for being tardy too many times. From a WFH job. I know for a fact they would stay up until 3-4 AM playing video games when they had an 8 AM job. Because they kept showing up late, they went from ~$45k/year and benefits in a WFH position to ~$12/hour cleaning rental houses with no benefits. We did all we could for them - they lived with us for free for about 3 months, didn’t have to pay for rent, food, even gas since they were WFH in our home. 3 months to save up 100% of their income, less anything minor like a cell phone bill. Nonetheless they keep asking us for money and they still owe us.

Oof, guess I can’t really complain in comparison

listen, in the “This Shit Sucks” circle, nobody wants your shit on their plate. It ain’t a competition, go ahead and complain and stop the comparisons.


SO friend #2: Got into cocaine. Don’t think I need to elaborate much. Thankfully my SO is on the same page as me here. Friend was always into stuff like mushrooms and marijuana which is whatever. I smoke and I’m open to psychedelics though never had a specific time I’ve wanted to try them.

When we visited her and she casually broke out cocaine to pregame before going to a bar, we made the decision to back off of that relationship, particularly later at night.

She lived with her boyfriend and another roommate was a drug dealer out of their house. Literal pounds of weed and I don’t know what other drugs were all around. Friend and her boyfriend moved out though, so maybe she’ll get out of that life a bit.

Pity because I actually quite like the woman when she’s sober. However I’ll enjoy seeing her on our terms, not in a party environment.

I hate on the typo in the thread title

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Lol had to read a few times to notice

My wife has a friend that is a kook. She hasn’t worked in 5 years and has a major spending problem. Her husband is a plumber and she spends way more than he makes so they are constantly running up debt. When her mother died she inherited about $300,000 and blew through all of it on stupid stuff in about a year and a half. In that year and a half she asked my wife several times what she should do with the money and my wife told her every time, pay off your house so you never have to worry about a place to live. She didn’t. Instead she blew all the money, sold the house, blew the equity, and now lives in an apartment with a monthly rent and also rents out 5 storage units to store all the stupid crap she blows money on. She even buys us stupid stuff. When we moved into our house my wife mentioned we were discussing a larger Christmas tree. This ladies husband as I said is a plumber and they make about $90,000 a year total. My SO and I were at that time making around $220k a year and she went and bought us a $400 9’ Christmas tree. I’m like who in the heck buys someone else a Christmas tree? That just seemed so wasteful to me knowing the situation she is in.

I’ve seen this particularly in older people who don’t work. Spending gives a sense of control. Might be if she hasn’t worked in years she feels like she doesn’t have control over her life, so overcompensates by buying shit.

My SO’s grandmother was like that. Every Christmas was excruciating. Afterward the family got together, traded gifts from her that could be useful for us or others we knew, and sorted out what was going straight to Goodwill.