Happy twosday - 2/22/22

Or 22/2/22 for the other way
The number 2 has a lot of meanings in different contexts, so go ahead and choose one and have a fun day with it

I like it because I was born on a Tuesday in Feb
Only even # prime

Fun stuff…


Happy Twosday 2 all!

And to you 2 too!!!


In European date format it reads 22022022, which backwards is 22022022.

All Chuck Norris gets you backwards is Sirron Kcuhc

Celebrated at 2:22 with tea for 2/22/22

Wondering where all the Two-fer sales are…

Oh, here they are:

Only a few seem to be getting into 2s’ day

more details needed, plz. I am also a February birthday (see “Happy birthday” thread). What’s your date? I like mine because it’s also the day that Thomas Edison was born.

I am more of a four 2’s guy than a five 2’s guy, so I celebrated 20 days ago.

Why were you up so early?

Maybe I’ll celebrate with (decaf) tea at 22:22 on 2/22/22