Happy Mardi Gras!

Laissez les bon temps rouler

I had some waffles instead of the traditional pancakes!!! :yum:

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How dense I am:

Several people independently mentioned jambalaya to me today (including my daughter who got some at a restaurant somewhere and sent a pic) and I just thought “What an odd coincidence”. And my SIL, who often posts donut pics sent one that had a tiny baby on it, and I now assume was green and purple, although I didn’t look that closely at the time. Duh. King donut. It finally sunk in with the last jambalaya reference.

Oh, the funnier thing is we went to a sandwich place for lunch - a place where I’d normally order a muffaletta. But for some reason, today I ordered a salmon sandwich. But with gumbo, at least.


Perhaps this thread is a reminder I need to revisit our local Cajun restaurant. They do it right, and they make a bananas foster bread pudding that is absolute crack.

Same here. There’s a really good place close to work and I"ve even been carrying a gift card for there for years, but I never seem to think of going there.

Recycling this gif from yesterday.