Happy Anniversary

It’s officially ONE year today since the WHO declared COVID a global pandemic, and it was made even more real with Tom Hanks announcing he had the virus, and the suspension of the NBA. And then Donald addressing the nation putting us all at ease saying it’s no worse than the flu and totally under control, and I felt so much better.

Happy anniversary you guys! WE ALL MADE IT!


sorry, National Basketball Association. i’m not into sportsball

Fair enough. Shootyhoops isn’t for everyone.

I dunno…RIP any actuaries who got killed by covid :-/

by “we made it” i meant those reading this thread right now. although, i don’t think i know of any actuaries who died from covid. know a few who had covid, and got through it.

now i’m laughing at that thread on the ao where they were predicting who among us would be first to get covid. i think one of the first predictions was ao fan because i was at the epicenter at the time. still haven’t had covid!

Hmm, one year ago, was NYC the epicenter yet or was WA State still considered the epicenter since they had the first case? I remember somebody posting a picture of a sign outside a business that said “Please do not enter if you’ve recently been to China, Italy or Washington”

i’m not sure when that thread was made on the ao to guess who was going to be patient zero of the ao. at the very beginning when this was declared a global pandemic on 3/11 NYC didn’t know we were the epicenter, but that changed very quickly. like a week or two later, almost everyone from NY who I knew who got COVID had it at that point.

I suppose it’s possible that the person (I forget who it was) that guessed I would be patient zero of the forum just had wishful thinking in play and it had nothing to do with nyc being the epicenter. some people don’t like me. it’s so weird. i’m so nice.

one year ago today, nyc recorded their first death from covid.

they are having a covid-19 day of remembrance ceremony. watching on NY1. the speeches are really sad.

Stories like this are horrifying. Healthy 28 year old with no underlying risk factors gets covid prior to covid being a thing in early december, 2019, so she didnt get tested, “recovers” from covid, 3 months later dies from complications related to covid and had tested negative at that point.

I didn’t know that people were getting COVID-19 in this country in early December, 2019, let alone dying from it.

I got a cold this weekend. Started Saturday, full blown by Sunday and into yesterday. I went to get a Covid test Sunday just to be sure, but with a super runny nose and ears itching I was sure it was a headcold. Covid test came back negative. Anyway Dr said as people are getting back to normal they are seeing a big spike in the common cold and the stomach virus (rotovirus). He believes a year of quarantine caused us to lose a lot of immunity to such things and now they are ramping up.


We also had a cold tear through the Alert household. It was actually really mild, and I wonder if we even would have caught it this time last year.

Really messed up everything, though. Had to cancel a dentist appointment for one kid and keep the kids home from school while they were within ten days of first symptoms, even though we knew it was just a cold (we all had the exact same mild symptoms, no variation, all of us got it). Better safe than sorry for sure, but an annoying thing to deal with.

Tragic. I take a small, very small, amount of comfort in knowing that these stories make headlines because they are so rare, although that doesn’t alleviate the pain for these families. Hopefully we will be at a point soon where no one is dying from it, or suffering long-term effects.

it’s also crazy that this chick didn’t even have a chance here. she got it before we knew COVID was even here. so scary.