Half a day in DC

I’ll be in Washington, D.C. in a couple of weeks. I’ll be arriving late at night the day before the meeting which is at 9:00 AM. That should take no more than an hour. My flight leaves at 5:30 pm, so I have about 4 hours to see what there is to see. The meeting is along Embassy Row. Walking & Lyft will be my transportation.

Is there anything that makes you say, “You only have a few hours, but, while you’re there, you should be sure to go see…”?

I’ve never visited/spent time anywhere in the US that is east of Ohio.

The Exorcist Stairs in Georgetown? :man_shrugging:

hmm…maybe I’ll throw all of my raisins-picked-out-of-my-otherwise-perfectly-good-cookie on them…you know, as a form of exorcism.

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On the serious side, Georgetown is down the road from Embassy Row. There’s a lot of shops and stuff along M Street. :+1: Not sure if you would have enough time to walk The National Mall.

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good idea…

Holocaust Museum. Make reservations.

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I’d probably go to the national mall anyway. See Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial. Maybe the Vietnam war memorial.


I lived in Baltimore for a couple of years. On several occasions, I’d pop down and check out various sites along the Mall. My favorite was just popping into one of the Smithsonian museums, chosen based on my whim of the day. Cheap, memorable diversions.

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Find the bar that Phil’s was based on. Maybe you could run into Murphy Brown and the rest of the FYI crew…

Seriously, though. Just hit up a bar chat with the locals and drink.

My favorite pastime if/when I travel for business.

If you’ve never been to DC and you have 1/2 day to look around, you need to head down to the Mall. See the White House, Capital Building, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, and as many of the other memorials you can fit in your time slot.


Agreed. If you’ve done that, and you have another 1/2 day to look around, I’d pick one of the Smithsonian museums and do that. But I think on a first visit you should see the mall.