Gun Violence in America

TIL Toronto is in America

Shh, if we do it quietly enough we can annex the Canadians without them noticing

And a van is a gun? Seems like a massive title fail.

From my previous experience at the AO, I was under the impression that these topics were intricately related in many, many ways.

You already are. Gun violence in canada is the result of illegal firearms imported from the US.

Canadians unfamiliar with gun laws in Canada would likely be surprised how lax the laws are with long guns, and how insane they are wrt handguns. You can buy and sell long guns in the mail. You pretty much can’t really own a handgun.

In fact, I was (apparently) so deeply incorrect about this perspective (that a Toronto van attack was neither in America, nor carried out with a gun), that the thread was split up into one about gun violence in America, and another specific to mental health issues.

I believe I rage quit the forum at that time.

Yes! Canadians have it right imo. I’ll ban guns as fast as the next guy, but realistically handguns are the vast majority of the issue.

In fact I usually challenge people who buy a handgun for home defense. You don’t need to blow a hole through a home invader, just injure him sufficiently so he’s not invading anymore. Seems far easier to do that with a shotgun where you don’t need to precisely hit anything rather than a handgun which might go through your wall.

That’s another difference. Canadian who shoots someone in self defence is going to have a very bad time. Drilled into us during the gun safety course (which is required, along with a federal background check).

People complain about small problems, and small political problems exist. But in general, I think Canada’s got it pretty much right when it comes to guns. All the shotguns and rifles a person can afford for hunting or plinking, and you’re pretty much not going to own a handgun.

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Yeah, I’m very anti-gun politically but I’d definitely argue that’s the right federal balance for the US. Sadly that DC SCOTUS case makes things tricky so we’ll probably just pretend it’s not a problem for another 50+ years.

He’d presumably have been more successful at his “goal” if it had been a gun in the US.

Large vehicle attacks, while very murdery, are not usually as murdery.

This time for an active member of the Army.

I thought the first rule of shooting for self defense is that you shoot to kill, not to incapacitate. if you’re shooting to incapacitate you shouldn’t be shooting at all. At least that’s rule for cops.

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Here’s a story that involves guns, violence and happened in America.

Guns, Violence and happened in America

That’s the trifecta of this thread title so it’s probably appropriate to put it in this thread.

I think it’s more a strategy for the ensuing court hearing, as it will be a “He said, He dead” situation.

Here’s another story that involves guns, violence and happened in America (this time in Texas).

Gun Violence in America

There’s like a hundred shootings a day in America, so I feel like we need some more exciting stories? Or at least more detailed stories? These don’t really have enough information.

Like, where did the Chicago guns come from? And why did the guy get attacked in Texas?

I kind of agree, that random shoot-outs are a lot more common than freak-massacres, but these don’t really tell us anything?

These stories sure do tell you something if you prevented the criminal’s attack on you.

And maybe you’re asking some good questions about the source of the violence. I just didn’t want to see this thread become a compendium of “freak-massacres” .

I mean, they tell me that two people shot at each other and one person aimed better?

In the cell-phone store, it’s nice that the employee aimed better, but it’s pretty pathetic that you’re working late the day after-christmas, in your shitty retail job for garbage pay, while a pandemic is sweeping over the city, and then you have to risk your life to save some ****ing cellphones.

Likewise, I’m glad the 5 year old didn’t die in the Texas shootout, but it says the attackers knew the homeowner, and given that he then went on to commit arson makes me wonder a little if actually he was just a bad-ass drug dealer who happened to have small children.

Yeah, I agree there.