Guess who this is without googling


You in a selfie? rdh

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It is not

Yes. That was too fast. She looks weird

Is that mostly a ton of filler in her face? Maybe plus a facelift. She looks nothing like how she used to look.

she looks like an entirely different person. it’s nuts.

madonna has been dead to me since she was like 4 hours late to a concert i went to and i got bored and very drunk and wound up sick in the bathroom as a result.

Based on that picture - she might just be dead period.

Or maybe undead…

Another interesting thought from a podcast I listened to yesterday (it had a lot of good thoughts) was human alteration and losing what it currently means to be human forever. The author they interviewed said as we are on the verge of bioengineering it’s only a letter of time before it happens. His worry was we would focus on stuff like beauty, strength, intelligence, endurance, and focus because corporations and governments would be the entities with the money to fund it. We will lose a lot of our individuality and replace it with a uniformity that causes humanity to lose its charm. Basically we will become like dog breeds designed for a specific purpose.

Madonna shared a post on Instagram: "Alright, wait, bitch. ……………". Follow their account to see 5479 posts.

that’s supposed to be a link to a tiktok video she did, but it just gave a freeze frame of her face.

Wait, that’s really Madonna? Doesn’t look anything like her.

Yes. Straight from her instagram page

Instead of aging with grace she decided to become an alien

This is you at the mall, right??? Was it as fun as you expected it to be???

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Sadly no. I was guilted out of going to the mall yet

My guess was Macaulay Culkin because I had no clue.

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