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  • Robert Fleischman
  • Steve Perry
  • Steve Augeri
  • Jeff Scott Soto
  • Arnel Pineda
  • Neal Schon
  • George Tickner
  • Gregg Rolie
  • Jonathan Cain
  • Jason Derlatka
  • Ross Valory
  • Randy Jackson
  • Prarie Prince
  • Aynsley Dunbar
  • Steve Smith
  • Dean Castronovo
  • Narada Walden

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Both singers of the “early” albums were great, but I liked it best when it was two lead singers on Infinity. The contrast of the two voices trading off worked very well. But if I have to choose one, it’s Gregg Rolie.

Close between Schon and Perry.

I voted Schon, but then again I like Page over Plant, Eddie Van Halen over DLR and Brian May over Freddie Mercury so the trend continues. Never seen Perry live so Arnel is my second choice.

It’s funny how Rolie is leading Schon by “the rounded percentages must sum to 100%”.

RIP George Tickner