Great art that never was

Was reading an article about how the movie Casablanca was almost never made and I got to thinking. How much great art was in the works but never made?

My guess is 10 works not made for every great work

My guess is 1 work not made for every 1,000 pieces of great work.

(worked on but not completed)


crappy but not poopy?

When you put it that way I’d revise my guess to 1 work not made for every 100 pieces of great work.

Created But Not Perfect?
Created But Not comPleted?

Completed But Not Perfected?

Created But Not Published

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How do we define great art? What about great art that our descendents will think is great but at the moment we think it’s sh**

idk. how is great art defined currently?

(imagined but not released)


someone started working on a statue of david with a huge penis, but just couldn’t get the final version approved

I don’t think it is that well defined. Freakonomics did a 3 part series on the art market just recently.

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Fixed, for perfection.

I have found the best definition of art requires two characteristics, enlightenment and entertainment. Art enlightens, it reveals some truth whether internal or external, trivial or universal. Art entertains, it holds our attention at the moment or later as we recall it intentionally or unintentionally.

I think the greatness of great art has to do with the size of the audience. Of course, because we are humans so people label things great art for their own benefit, usually financial.

Note: the interaction of the audience is important to the nature of the art. Who is the audience and how does the art fit within their lives. A child can consider a cartoon great art simply because they have never experienced those truths, where as the parent considers the cartoon trite based on their wealth of experience.

Maybe if Hitler hadn’t gotten rejected from art school…

If only that cute girl hadn’t snubbed the would-be school shooter

Great art that was never made: The Great American Novel that’s in my head but never typed out.

I got as far as the title “The Great American Novel,” but I see Phil Roth stole it from me.

…Back to the drawing board.