Glitch in post "likes"

It shows that I heart liked a post, which I most definitely DID NOT, and when I hover over it to unlike it, it gives me a red circle with a slash through it and won’t let me. And if you look to view who liked it, it’s me and only me, but I DID NOT LIKE IT! what’s up with this? I’m feeling a little violated you guys.

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you should add a few SAM I AM’s in this insistence that you didn’t like it. also work in some rhyme

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Can you provide a link to the post/thread where you’re seeing this?

This post-

On a pc it gives me a red circle with a slash through it when I try to unlike it. On a phone, it still doesnt let me unlike it, but doesnt show that.

it shows that I did like a post
I assure you i DISLIKED it most
that’s no way to treat your GoActuary Fam
I did not like it, ao_fan I am

i tried to correct on my own you see
it wouldn’t allow that option to me
I did not like that shitpost spam
I did not like it, ao_fan I am

what’s up with this? it hurts me most!
That post was liked by a glitchy ghost!
I hated it like my neighbors noisy young fam
I did not like it, ao_fan I am.

(should have worked in some Yaps and something about cute little white dogs.)


Thank you. I agree that it is rather odd. I can like and unlike the post . . .

If you’re viewing on a phone, I wonder if there was an “inadvertant” tap on the like icon . . . and I can see where it’s possible to disable “unliking” after some time passes (I’m going to test this as well).

I did check to see if it might be one of those “ghosting” ID’s (one where it’s like another poster, but has some weird “unseen” character in the ID), but it’s linking to your profile and information.

@SpaceLobster, any thoughts?

I see that there are prior posts that I’ve liked and now I cannot unlike.

I’m guessing what I described in the prior post (an inadvertent tap) is likely what took place, but enough time has passed (don’t know what that threshold is; but it might be a configured setting that SpaceLobster can find out).

ooooh, yeah, that must explain it. I didn’t know there was a time limit to unliking. I must have accidentally pressed like and not noticed until later.

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nice, but right now, it’s my 2 neighbors who are driving me insane with their construction. the one with the annoying loud young fam is “away for the rest of the summer” which she thought would make me happy. she failed to mention that the reason they are away is because they are doing renovations on their apartment for me to be tortured by. :angry:

once the loud young fam comes back, it will be both their annoying kids and the construction from the other apartment driving me insane.

There is a time limit. It’s not clear what that limit is (seems to be embedded in other settings). If it matters I can figure it out and extend it, though it may cause other changes as well.


nah, doesn’t matter. i thought my account was possessed. i see it’s not and just a feature of the site.