GH-Specialty Fall 2021

Hi All,

Started studying through TIA recently so wanted to start this thread. Anyone else prepping for this? Anyone know what the best study material is? I’ve heard PAK flash cards are great so I’ll probably pick those up.
Also does anyone know when registration typically opens for FSA Fall exams?

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I took the last sitting but I have a feeling I failed so I already started studying. I’m almost finished making flash cards for all of the materials (combination of MATE flash cards and my own flash cards from the PAK manual and TIA manual).

I feel like for this exam I just need to make more and more flashcards, there’s so much info to memorize and I don’t think just memorizing the standard flash cards (i memorized MATE last time) is enough (this strategy worked for the other exams). Since there’s a little amount of questions on the exams, it feels like you have to force yourself to know more detailed stuff from the manual.

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I’m in. Failed last fall and skipped the Spring sitting. Last exam, so hoping I can push myself and pass finally.

I’m using TIA (free 2nd attempt). I have my MATE outline and flashcards from the Fall 2020 sitting. I may just use those and remove the few cards that aren’t relevant anymore, or maybe I’ll spend the company’s dime and get the latest version. Haven’t decided yet.

Just got a pass for FV today, so moving on to specialty.
Historically I used TIA + Mate notecards to pass, but it seems that this combo might not be enough to pass?

When can we register for this exam?

I’m hoping soon. I’m anxious to reserve a seat at my local prometric. I don’t want to have to drive clear to the next one, which is a ways away.

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What are your answers for Q3? I scored 35% on it but I felt like I aced it because its a classic question

failed spring. Just finished crying about it.

will start working through M8 again next week.

I had a terrible experience at Prometric in the spring… very nervous to roll again.

Why won’t the SOA post when the registration is going to open? It annoys me to have to just keep checking the website. I want to register ASAP so I can make sure I get a seat at the nearest prometric center.

I mean they say approximately 6 weeks before registration deadline. The deadline is September 27th, so give or take next Monday (8 days) for registration to open.

Ah, thanks. I hadn’t heard that it was 6 weeks before the registration deadline. I’ll probably take a few days off from checking then.

Registration is open

Thank you!

I had to schedule at 8am which I guess is good because then I don’t have a lot of time to panic morning of. :upside_down_face:

scheduled without issue at local Prometric.

had choice between 9am and 11:45 am this time. last time I did the 9am and regretted it… apparently everyone in town had a 9am that day and it took over an hour for me to actually sit down. I went with the 11:45 thinking no one will take that slot and maybe I can have a better experience this time.

I miss the old days of pen an paper with an FSA proctor. This Prometric crap for FSA exams is terrible.

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I enjoy the actual exam experience better with the computer, but I don’t like dealing with Prometric. I don’t miss the hand cramps.

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we have both been doing this for way too long…

first exam was May 2011…

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ok done whining:

My strategy for this exam is
1: Make notecards. Type them myself based on the M8 manual sections/lists. This might take a full month on its own.
2: drill notecards until i forget my own name

I studied this exam in the spring by understanding the material concepts, but when the exam came, I was unable to match the question to the section and produce the lists they wanted. I think the way to pass this exam is to memorize the lists they want and also memorize the list headings so you can match them to the exam question. I hate studying like this, but if it works, I dont care how i pass. Other exams have been more calculation heavy, which is my strong side- so my crappy list memorization wasnt an issue since I was getting 95% of points on the calc problems. This exam is just so list heavy that my old methods are failing.

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Yup… I managed to pass the first two exams barely memorizing any notecards. Now I’m trying to memorize ~160 notecards (made my own list by going through Mate and TIA) and I don’t know how people retain more than ~30 of these things at one time. It’s ridiculous. Here’s to hoping it pays off!