GH-FV spring 2021

What did you guys think?
The case study appeared in the C segment which goes against the latest Update.

Yeah that was weird. The actual question was fine though. Tons of math points, which was nice. This exam had a whole lot more math content then the fall one.

It’s been so long, I don’t remember what I wrote for a lot of these. I don’t recognize some of the question parts, I hope I didn’t skip anything.

I did think both halves were really long & time consuming. On FVC, that’s in part my fault because I very stupidly misinterpreted question 1. So not only did I lose a lot of time, but unfortunately Germany was in the #2 spot and I’m pretty sure I’ll be graded on just the top 2 countries I wrote about. I am not very familiar with Germany’s health care system, I don’t even remember what I put down.

I didn’t think either exam half was easy.

There was one short but hilariously specific MA question. I assume this was meant to be a small gift to the MA people taking a spring exam.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Hoping I didn’t enter the wrong candidate id in the title of my files.