GH-FV Fall 2021

Anyone else sitting in the Fall? Passed Design and Pricing with TIA, but I’m thinking of using MATE for this one. Finishing PRF this weekend/paying for materials, so I’ll probably start studying in the next 4-5 days.

did you end up going with MATE?

I went with MATE. I did the seminar, so now that I’m starting to look at problems, I get to see what types of math questions I’ve already forgotten how to do.

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MATE was the correct choice! I am sure you will pass!

FVCU #3 is pretty humourous, as exam questions go.

Yes, rereading #3 in total it’s a terrible, terrible question. I could only remember the weird parts c and d when I gave them feedback last week.

If they’re going to keep dumb material like cafeteria plans in the syllabus, they need to come up with more relevant questions.

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I added some comment in the exam excel file about how the question felt like a design and pricing one. From what I remember, the design and pricing materials put more emphasis on them.

I passed, so for anyone that happens to look at this thread and is undecided about study materials, MATE worked for me.


I second that! I used MATE for all the FSA exams. Was not a transition candidate so had the new exams: DP, FV, Specialty. I also recommend reading the syllabus materials.

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I passed second attempt with TIA.

I knew you would! congrats! One more exam?

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Thank you! I just have Specialty left. If I find out I passed in ~2 weeks, then it’s just a module (that I already submitted) and the DMAC.

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did you use MATE to study for Spec?

keep us posted on results!

Passed Specialty! Done with exams, going 1 for 2 using TIA and 2 for 2 with MATE.

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ah enjoy it

I remember tearing up when I passed my last exam

honestly, I was happier that day than the day I got married or even the day my first child was born

non-actuaries just wouldn’t understand

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