GH-DP Spring 2021

Anyone else studying for this exam? From the recommendations of coworkers, I purchased TIA’s bundle and will supplement with MATE flashcards. I’m debating on studying now, because once 2021 arrives, planning for 2022 Medicare bid season will kick into gear.


I’ll be studying for this as well. I’m planning on studying starting next week or the week after, using the same materials.

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Awesome! Are you going to follow TIA’s study schedule, or create your own?

I used this exact resource combination as well and passed last year :slight_smile: Best to you!


I think I’ll probably use TIA’s as a guideline at least, or I might use it as-is. Not sure yet, haven’t gotten that far. What about you?

Taking FV not DP, but does anyone know when registration opens for the Spring? I didn’t take an exam in the fall so just curious how this all works. Haven’t done a CBT exam in a while…

I’m using TIA’s schedule.

On the SOA website, it says the deadline to register is March 29, 2021. I’m guessing registration will open up sometime next year. The Candidate Connect emails from the SOA tell what exams are open for registration (August 20th issue mentioned registration for November 2020 FSA exams).

I used original sources plus Mate. Highly recommend. I started studying exactly 3 months and 1 week prior to the exam date and passed on the first attempt.

Hello group health FSA exam takers,

All of the MATE products for Spring 2021 are finished and up for sale on our website. This includes DP, FV, and Specialty.

Syllabus updates are summarized in the attached PDF and on our website.

This season, our product offerings include:

  • Study manuals
  • Note cards (in paper and digital format)
  • Practice problem sets
  • Live virtual seminars

I wish you the best for your studying this season. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Dustin Conrad FSA, MAAA, MS

Syllabus changes 2021 Spring.pdf (156.4 KB)

FYI, Spring registration is open.

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Just registered for my last exam! :crossed_fingers:

Is it too late to start studying for this now please? Interested in your feedbacks. Or better just wait till fall. I have to do the modules too.

ICYMI - study note GH-137-20 on Short Term Disability [has been updated] for the Spring 2021 sitting (Updates - Group and Health Design and Pricing Exam | SOA).

I’ve been looking for updated exam taking tips now that the exam is at Prometric, but I can only find guidance on pen/paper written answer strategies. Anyone have any tips or know of a source with good CBT advice for FSA exams?

I believe we’re ok to discuss this now that it’s past 6 AM following the day of the CBT. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

I thought the questions were mostly fair, though I barely had time to finish. What did you all think?