Getting a Roku Streaming Stick+. Now what?

I have Netflix, but don’t really want to pay for more now. Any suggestions on free channels (if that’s the right word) I should check out now that I’ll have a Roku?

Pluto TV. You don’t have to sign up for it, just have to download it.

I have Google play and Prime video (for when i want to buy a movie, although there may be some free content) and YouTube. A lot of the broadcast stations have a steaming option, too.

I guess i removed the DNC channel, but I downloaded it to watch the convention. I seem to have downloaded channels for nbc, cbs, and abc news, but i can’t say I’ve watched them.

Try Tubi for movies, they are free but have commercials.

Also, I apparently watch TV so rarely that my husband asked me, “why did you just turn on the TV” after I checked what apps we had. :slight_smile: