Our berries are getting out of hand. Very tasty, but those prickly vines are getting tangled up with everything else.

Our apricot tree used to put out hundreds every year. Got nothing the last couple of years. Thought the tree was about to die, but now this year we have one (1!!!) apricot. Hope we can keep the birds away from it until it ripens.

I have a raised bed plot about 4X8 freedom units planted all in beans. Beans will be done likely this week. I think I have enough time to get another crop in…but what? Beets maybe? Another crop of beans?

Maybe snap peas? Those are tasty

Good idea. Last time I planted peas, someone walking down the street asked if the could score some. They were the only thing they could get their kid to eat.

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Purple carrots. Anthocyanins are antiaging.

I have one pea plant this year. Tasty.