Gambling tips

So this dumpster fire of a company I had stock in got sold in a fire sale and I now have like $3k to play around with. What should I buy with it?

We could go for Happy Hour!!! :partying_face:

You had Twitter stock?


Sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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How much did you put in?

Scratch lotto tickets

Fur sink, electric dog polisher, gas-powered turtleneck sweater.


Wheel of cheese!


I’d go for the anti-Jim Cramer ETF.

Oh, when you gamble, do make sure you pick winners.

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Gambling tip: don’t.

That said, $3 grand is a decent buy-in for the $25/min blackjack table in Atlantic City.

When you are done, tip the dealer on largest chip you are usually betting with. So if you are making a bunch of $25 bets throw the dealer a green chip. If you are sitting for a long time, time them one chip an hour. But at least make sure you tip when they change dealers.

And color up at the end. Better for you and the table.