Gaetz to McCarthy: Drop Dead

Johnson just announced he’s not backing out of his prior deal with Schumer.


RIP Speaker Johnson.

Recalled before the deal or after, is my question. If it’s before, we enter government shutdown.

Lots of GOP people wanting various things, but sounds many still want to remove aid to Ukraine, as well as throwing money at the border.

They got someone close to crazy in the Speaker chair, if they try and replace him again it’s pretty clear that that crazy wing isn’t likely to wind up with someone more sympathetic to their causes as Johnson is pretty much for all of them. They just need to deal with the fact that 12 extreme right wing nut jobs can’t hold Congress hostage.


I think some of the opposition to McCarthy was personal.

Also, Johnson seems one of the more conservative alternatives. Can they really get anybody better?

Let’s see how much of this is show, and how much has teeth.

I agree it wouldn’t be surprising if they ousted him. But i bet they don’t.

I believe Johnson has played nice so to speak with the D’s because he wants to be seen as ligit and wants to be the Speaker in January 2025. Considering his position and involvement with Trump in 2020 he wants to influence the certification. The defacto leaders of the Republicans, you know the wackos, are too clueless to play the long game even if the long game is only one year.

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I’ll disagree, as many of these Republicans seem to do the right thing when they no longer have a political future


It’s very clearly personal with Gaetz, and I hope one day we find out what the real pithy reason for it is.

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I mean: Matt Gaetz Told a Friend He Shivved Kevin McCarthy as Revenge for the House Ethics Probe: Report | Vanity Fair

It’s because he was investigated as an alleged pedophile/sex trafficker/general sex pest.

Yeah, I remembered that right as I hit enter. And part of me thinks, if there was really something in that, we’d have heard by now … right? And then I remember which party is in control of that committee, and I’m still shocked it recommended kicking George Santos out.

I assumed the entire probe into Gaetz was being used as leverage. Last I read was a couple weeks ago, they started contacting additional associates of Gaetz and his convicted felonious minor-trafficking buddy.

Like, hey Gaetz we need you to stop being a child on issue X or we’re going to release all the evidence on you regarding actual children.

Republicans who ousted Kevin McCarthy complain “very wealthy folks” are pulling their donations

Let me get out my tiny violin.


Best part:

Two Washington D.C.-based center-right-leaning groups, the Main Street Caucus and Republican Governance Group, have let go of Mace, with one House Republican telling CNN, "She really wants to be a caucus of one. So we obliged her.


Wait, are you implying … very wealthy donors … might … be …

… canceling Republicans?


I noticed Mace’s comment that “I’m too busy working for the Lowcountry”. Whenever politicians say that, but don’t back it up with examples, I often wonder if they are doing anything for their constituents?