Gaetz to McCarthy: Drop Dead

I figure Speaker II: Election Bugaboo should have its own thread.

The motion to table Gaetz’s motion to vacate the chair fails 218-208. 11 Republicans join all the Democrats in voting to kill the motion to table. Not helping McCarthy: his ability to say the stupidest, most contradictory things belittling Rep. Tim Burchett (TN 2) for praying on the decision.

“Debate” now underway. Gaetz gets 30 minutes to advocate for tossing McCarthy overboard while possibly using the time to woo underage females with his limited command of the English language; someone TBD will speak on behalf of McCarthy.

TBD: whether McCarthy survives this, whether he can do so without help from the Democrats, and how many rounds it takes to elect a new speaker. Last time was 15 rounds; I’ll take “over 15” here, please.


Dysfunctional clowns gonna dysfunct.

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House of Representatives to McCarthy:

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Sayonara. Another one bites the dust…

House is now in recess following vote ousting McCarthy as speaker

The US House of Representatives is now in recess following the historic vote to remove Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

No House speaker has ever before been ousted through the passage of a resolution to remove them.

The House will now need to elect a new speaker, but there is no clear alternative who would have the support needed to win the gavel.

The fight over the speakership marks a major escalation in tensions for a House GOP conference that has been mired in infighting — and it comes just days after McCarthy successfully engineered a last-minute bipartisan effort to avert a government shutdown.

McCarthy sets history as first ever ousted speaker.

Speaker Steve Scalise?

I don’t know where they go from here.

So 8 Republicans were effectively able to remove their own speaker with all the Democrats joining in. Truly a bi-partisan effort, LOL.


NewsFlash54x11 McCarthy’s speakership aborted in its third trimester

The Fark head line is just too funny.


Is it even possible to find a compromise candidate that a few Dems would support?

Doubtful. Last time they were unanimous in their voting bloc behind Jeffries. I assume it will be the same. Though they may “let enough of their members have other commitments than voting on speaker” if this takes too long.

I assume the Rs will need to find a “compromise” candidate that the 8 wing nuts will accept along with the 210 other republicans.

My bet is Steve Scalise but he may be to close to McCarthy for the wing nuts to vote yeah.

What would the Ds want?

I’d be happy with “abide by the spending in the debt limit compromise”. “Drop Biden impeachment committee” would be good, but probably a bridge too far.

A promise to not shut the government down until next years election?

Americans make everything complicated in politics. Our Speaker of the House resigned last week over the Ukrainian Nazi issue and a new Speaker was voted in today. It’s a different role than the US one but shows a smoother functioning House.

It really started with Newt. Before that things tended to run much smoother.


Yes. I remember the good old days in American politics before compromise was a dirty word. Makes me nostalgic.

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He really is a terrible person.


Even if they got such a ‘promise’, what are the chances that the Republicans would honor it? Their credibility is nil at this point imo.


I could see them compromising on a continuing resolution to maintain funding to 1 February 2025 PLUS a guarantee for continued support for Ukraine.

That wouldn’t be enough to get all the D’s, but it might be enough to win over at least 8.