Hello all,
I am qualified actuary under SOA only (didn’t pick the Canadian version when took the exam). Since I am now working in Canada, I wonder what i need to do to get the FCIA (I am under individual life and health)? Do i need to retake those pricing and valuation exams? Many thanks!!

IIRC, FCAS → FCIA only required sitting for the nation-specific exam and satisfying the experience criteria.

I can’t imagine FSA → FCIA being any different.

CIA is revamping their entire admissions process by allowing credit for some universities’ classes, adopting their own exams/modules, etc.

Their new education website seems to suggest that an FSA/FCAS could apply for ACIA fairly easily and then do some additional work and accrue Canadian experience to become eligible for FCIA, but they seem sparse on details.

I imagine contacting the CIA directly would produce an answer (or perhaps an answer of “we’re still working out the details for the new pathways”).

I would imagine that they can provide an answer of what needs to be done if one is pursuing that route right now.

Then it would be a matter of weighing out what it would take “in the near future” with the planned changes.

Thank you both for the reply! I will approach CIA to get more details. I guess not many people like me laying around XD

I became an FCIA many years ago and things no doubt have changed, but I recall needing a recommendation from a FCIA relating to my Canadian experience. Fortunately I had done some Canadian pricing.

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