FSA Exams Spring 2022

Registration is now open - I assume it opened Monday and I missed it. Registration deadline is late March (March 28 for my exam, I’m not sure if it varies by test).

Prometric already doesn’t have any spots in my city (Nashville, TN) - everything is a 2-3 hour drive away. The SOA Registration confirmation email actually has a form to fill out if there are appointment/capacity issues so I did that and hope they can make something work. Their recommended advice of “just wait because it’s fluid and maybe something will open” is absolutely ridiculous for exams this important, long, and expensive.

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Same for me. I’ve had to deal with this before. I just find a cheap motel and drive up the night before.

The SOA had a form to fill out (it’s in the exam confirmation email) for cases like this, so I did. They got back to me after a few days and said a spot had been made available and to book it quickly. So I did end up with a local spot, and it does seem the SOA is able to help out in these instances. For me all alternatives were >100 miles away which I’ve heard is their threshold.

Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of asking the SOA for help. I’ll fill out the form and see what happens.