French Election

From what I’ve seen (don’t have a source on hand), the far right did get a concerning number of votes, but due to their apportionment process they got disproportionately fewer seats as happens in the US.

Still, good to see the populace turn out when the party’s growing popularity became evident.

Like @now_samantha posted, I’ve been seeing a lot of people already claim it was a rigged election, sometimes making comparisons to the stolen United States 2020 election. Sounds like blind denial will be an ongoing theme in elections with strong far-right parties. This goes along with the fascist traits of “the obsession with a plot.” Like how their xenophobia stems from a plot such as Great Replacement Theory, there is also now a French Deep State rigging all the elections for Joe Biden whatever leftist puppet is being presented.

Exactly. This tactic is largely why the NR lost. Some folks may call that cheating but it was a smart, legal tactic. There has been talk of tactical voting in Canada in various elections but no party here has taken that step.

Although the NR has been thwarted for now, it will be difficult for the other two parties to cooperate to form an effective government. France is looking at chaos for a while.

I noticed the UK conservatives are also losing bigly. At some point, people especially in places like Europe are going to notice the pattern of elections and representation flipping from conservative to liberal, but rarely if ever the opposite. Then they’re going to complain that the system is rigged. Probably they’re not totally wrong in concept, even if they’re wrong on the details. Surely even a true-blue Democrat could understand how it seems weird on the surface that red states tend to flip blue (or at least purple) over time, while people flee blue state politics like in California with little or no chance of it ever flipping red…

One might even say that liberals at a global level are experts in cementing their power. One might even go further and say that this is fundamentally wrong in a “democracy.”

There might be other more plausible theories too…


Nope. It’s the One World Government.

Sure, I’m just saying the perception will be there. And the French elections at least highlight certain tactics that reinforce that perception.

What a take.

Perceptions are more important for that 1/4 of voters than reality.
No sources are needed; just one’s own mind and a connection to the internet to spread truthy perceptions.

It’s sort of like the perception associated with SCOTUS overturning Roe v Wade that they “banned” abortion even in the case of rape, incest, or medical emergency. None of that is true, but that’s the perception among some. You can understand how that perception develops, even if it’s wrong. It’s important to acknowledge since most voters don’t actually know what they’re talking about…