French Election

First round of voting starts Sunday. How will Macron fare? Is this Marine Le Pen’s swan song? Will Zemmour triumph as the leader of the Right?

Macron looks fine.

Le Pen still rules the Right.

Zemmour’s dismal showing may discourage Tucker Carlson from ever running for office.


Do we have results yet, or are they still tabulating the mail-in and early ballots?

runoff between Macron and Le Pen

Was surprised that Zemmour only got about 7% of the vote as Western media seemed to think he might replace Le Pen as the voice of the French Right. Polls are predicting a close vote between Macron and Le Pen.

Maybe I was too subtle in my earlier post…

I was merely commenting on the fact that the French election is held on one day, in person, with paper ballots attested by a photo ID and signature.


Yes, the French don’t trust mail-in ballots. I seem to recall they discontinued their use in the 1970’s. They do permit proxy voting.

You must also have noticed that the election was on Sunday.

Yes. Always on a Sunday.

I believe proxy voting is conducted at a police station, and a person can be the proxy to only one other voter.


Yes. Proxy voting is a closely controlled process.