Four Futures for Actuaries in the Wake of AI

The Four Futures:

Scenario 1 — Doomsday

The most discomforting scenario for actuaries, and many professions, is that they will cease to exist in their present form.

Scenario 2 — Groundhog Day

A more status quo scenario is that the nature and number of actuarial jobs remains about the same.

Scenario 3 — Training Day

A third scenario involves the actuarial role transforming into something more like what data scientists do.

Scenario 4 — Judgment Day

In our final scenario, actuaries would pivot in more of a social science than a data science direction in response to AI.


Where’s scenario 5, where we receive implants to interface with a descendant of Chat GPT as part of our initiation into our actuarial societies?

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I believe there’s something like that in one of the actuarial speculative fiction stories in the past…

I wonder if doctors are having the same conversation. They may be easier to replace with AI. Lawyers too

and accountants


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I can’t WAIT till AI takes over my job. Home Depot needs smart people.

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