Found a udemy course

Looks like an online course for exam P. I don’t know anything about it, just happened to run across it on linkedin, posting it here for informational purposes.

Thanks for posting. That is actually my course that I recently launched with Part 2 coming soon. Check out

My vision for the course is to create a very affordable option for students that provides tremendous value. I am looking to continuously improve the course and add new material and practice questions as time goes by.

The goal wasn’t to create a product that competes directly with programs like Adapt but to be a cheaper alternative to “learn” the material before using something like CA’s Adapt. The course obviously comes with a lot of practice questions, but the main goal is not to replace Adapt but to complement it.

I have been teaching actuaries around the world since 2014 as well as having taught at the university level (probability and mathematical statistics for VEE). I’m a fully qualified actuary and own my own consulting company, which is my day job. Teaching is my side project and a way to give back as well.

Excited to see where the course goes and also excited to give back and pass on my knowledge to students around the world who want to embark on this great career path that has given me so much already.