Forum update - changes to menu

We have a pending update I’ll be doing shortly. Lucy was kind enough to review the changes and provide an outline of the important changes, so I’ll just quote them:

The biggest change is to the hamburger menu, which they call the sidebar. Instead of showing things like “unread” and “latest posts” and “tags” at the top, it’s now showing such fabulously useful links as “birthdays” and "anniversaries.

That’s the downside. The upside is that it’s now configurable. You, as admin, can add stuff that everyone sees, and everyone can also add their own stuff.

Stuff is added by going into
sidebar (all the way on the right, it’s not there in the current set-up, but is in the new one.)

You can add stuff to the categories section, and also to the tags section, if there are tags you frequently want to check out. If there’s stuff you want everyone to see you can do it.

Currently, it just shows the most-used categories. In the new system, the admin can set up some categories for everyone to see, and everyone can also add stuff to their own personal sidebar.

That still leaves it hard to get to the features people actually use, which (at least for me) are Latest Posts and Unread Posts. (Other people like New Posts.)

You can add those, too.

Pull down your hamburger menu. At the bottom there’s a little “+” Click it, and it lets you add a custom section. I added “shortcuts”. And within that custom section you can add links to places, like those three I mentioned. Again, as Admin you can create a custom section for everyone, and also, each user can create their own custom section, or edit the section (in their own instance) once you create it.

I really recommend you create a custom section that includes unread, latest, and new. It will make the transition a lot easier for users.

You might also like to add a tag for everyone, because once you do that, everyone sees a section for tags. I mean, if you want to encourage people to use tags, it might do that. We don’t have a lot of tags, so maybe it’s not worth it.

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does the software have the functionality to tell me last time I visited? helps me determine which posts are really new or not.

To be clear, the admin can set some shortcuts for everyone, and i suggested that our crustacean overlord do so. :wink:

But if they don’t, or if there are other shortcuts you want, the new software will let you set that up.

I for one welcome our new crustacean overlords!!! :lobster: :crab: :oyster: :shell: :coral: :squid: :shrimp:

I think there might be some “circular logic” going on here . . .

I think having things related to tags more visible just might get more people to use them.

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