For those of you who went to UWaterloo

You probably remember the Princess Theatre. They’re holding a movie poster auction to help get them through covid. Bidding starts here:

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Couldn’t escape if you wanted to


Yay! I just won 2 of the poster auctions. Hellboy, and Terminator Darkfate. Got outbid on Terminator Genesis because I capped my bid at $75.

This went better than the last auction I attended. We walked into a local charity auction that was selling furniture. They’re in the middle of selling a maple kitchen table and we were in the market. It’s going for just over $300; my SO bumps me and tells me to bid. So I put up my hand, gavel falls, SOLD!

Then the auctioneers pick up the table, move it like one foot towards the center, and say 'now we’re going to auction off this maple table". WTF did I just buy then?

A dollhouse. I bought a $300 dollhouse.