For my fellow Catholics

So in Catechism in a Year is now moving onto Pillar 2 in the Catechism, which is on How We Worship (Pillar 1 is What We Believe – the Creed)

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Today is St. Philip Neri’s feast day

and he’s the patron of comedy!

St. Philip Neri, an Italian priest from the 16th century, is commonly known as the “patron saint of joy,” and the “humorous saint.” He wasn’t exactly a comedian, but he did enjoy poking fun at himself, using humor to maintain his humility.

For example, according to author Shaun McAfee, “Neri was known to show up to important events with half his beard shaved, give incorrect walking directions to his disciples, read a book of jokes … When he did each of these things he caused a mix of emotions in others, but it always ended up producing the same end state: increased humility, and increased patience.”

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