Food subscriptions

Anybody use these? What did you think of them?

There’s a local farm here that does monthly vegetable deliveries in season. We looked at that, then couldnt’ be bothered.
Any subscription other than that is going to be some combination of unwanted food, poorer quality, or higher prices.
What we do instead is ‘stock up’, particularly on meat. So when prime rib goes on sale, we’ll buy a bunch and throw it in the deep freeze. We buy chicken from a local farmer once a year, and again, 25 chickens into the deep freeze. Make sausage couple times a year, 30-50lbs into the deepfreeze.
That gives us a good combination of cheaper prices, availability, and better food.

That, and I can a bunch of stuff. Garlic, beets, dill pickles, peaches and pears. Made apple sauce this year too, that went into the freezer. Cannings a proper bitch. Spend a day at it, swear you’ll never can again because it’s too much work. Then open a can of pears in February and all is forgotten. Like a burst of sun.
Speaking of which, we’ll have to have you out to the homestead for dinner when you’re up this way.

We typically by a side of beef from a local ranch and freeze it. This year for some reason I forget, the price shot up so we passed.

I’d love to find a local place to buy chicken to freeze. I think there are some restrictions on that though. :frowning:

I grow a few things. I miss my apple and pear trees from our old house.

I always grow a macintosh apple tree wherever we go, I have ties to the brand. I just planted some raspberry bushes and a cherry tree. I also started a raised bed garden this year, hope to have more success next year (it was a good year for rabbits I guess).

My suburbia garden pales in comparison to when we lived on a few acres. But I can only go so big before the neighbours start looking at me weird.

The one thing I won’t do again is potatoes. Ffs, dig dig dig and dig some more. And I don’t even like potatoes. Potatoes, we can get from the Amish for like a twenty for more potatoes than you can imagine.