Fold phablets

Particularly the hot dog fold kind, e.g. Galaxy Fold 4. Anyone have one, or know someone with one? (Their) Thoughts on that style of phablet? My S21 is eligible for upgrade in a few months, and I’m considering one of those, especially if I also merge into Jaspess II’s/her mom’s account.

Someone i know has one. Her SO gets the latest and greatest every year and she gets the hand me down, so i assume it was the version of the fold available in July 2021.

It seems like you get a phone that is twice the weight and thickness of a smaller smart phone that requires a lot of additional effort to use the big screen.

I have a separate phone for work, so I’m already 2x a phone in my pocket when i carry both. It’s not something for me.

I think it might be really useful for someone that can work completely from a tablet since it could replace some sort of phone/tablet/laptop combo. Probably not actuarial work unless you are just reviewing documents.

I solved my desire for having a bigger screen by buying a $100 tablet and sticking it in a drawer in my end table next to my recliner at home. That’s where i will be 95% of the time i actually want something bigger.

I’ll add that the folding mechanism seemed to have held up really well with no noticeable issues with the screen or hinge.